September Grocery Lists

Use this template to shop for Launchpad recipe ingredients, as well as add any other items you need for the week. The template already includes all the items you'll need for each recipe, organized by each week. 

Not only is this template customizable, but it also is portable! You can use your web browser or Google Docs App on your phone to access the grocery list from anywhere!

Click HERE to see the template

Here's how to use the template...
1. Click "File" then click "Make a Copy"
2. Give your copy whatever name you choose (ex: "(Month) Grocery List Template")
3. Before visiting the grocery store, plan out what meals and snacks you want to enjoy for the week, then organize the items you need to purchase in the respective columns (ex: apples go in the "produce" column)
4. Download the Google Docs app on your phone so you can access the template while you're at the store
5. Remove items from your list as you place them in your cart
6. Enjoy a successful, organized trip to the grocery store!