My #1 Tip for Feeling Confident in Any Social Situation

Alright guys, let's get real. Does the idea of going to a social event ever make you feel anxious? I'll be honest and admit that it's something I have struggled with, and I don't think I'm alone. Not in the slightest.

While the whole extrovert/introvert excuse is often to blame, I think there is another BIG reason that explains why we may feel a little nervous walking into a room full of people- even those we may be close with.

I believe a big reason for why we get nervous is because our thoughts are centered around these three words: ME, MYSELF, and I. We're constantly worried about how others perceive us. We fixate on questions like, "What do these people think of my clothes? Or social status? Or intellect? Or sense of humor?"

Sound familiar? Especially now in a world obsessed with posting the best you on social media, it's easy to believe that others think the raw, unfiltered you is not "good enough."

That's why today I'm sharing my #1 tip for feeling confident in any social situation. It's actually really simple, and I promise it will change the way you perceive your interactions with others.

My tip is to shift your focus from ME to THEM. I know, I know. Easier said then done, right? It's our human nature to think of ourselves first. But just imagine how drastically different your experience at a party would be if you shifted your focus from making yourself look good, to helping others feel valued?

If you're wondering where to start, here are some questions you can remember to ask yourself when interacting with others.

"How can I encourage this person?"

"What do I admire about this person?"

"What does this person need to hear today?"

Or if you're just getting to know someone, make it your mission to really know and connect with them. Believe it or not, people love talking about themselves and what interests them. Here are some fun questions you can ask them:

"What's the best thing that happened to you this week?"

"What's been your biggest challenge/struggle lately?"

"What's something you're looking forward to?"

Taking the time to really connect with a person and finding a way to encourage them will not only improve your experience, but I can guarantee it will improve theirs, as well. Win win!



What are your tips for feeling confident in social situations? How do you like connecting with others? Let me know in the comments.







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    Great advice.

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