11 Date Ideas That Get You Off Your TUSH


The first (and only) time that I’ve ever been in trouble with the police was the same night that I met my future husband. Not the best omen, but the last six years since that night have certainly been the happiest, so I’m not too worried. We met playing a game called Commando (or you may know it as Renegade). To play, you and your teammates try to get from Point A to Point B on foot when it’s dark outside without getting caught by other teams driving around in cars. It’s freaking exhilarating, and it involves A LOT of running/jumping...definitely not over fences and into neighbors' backyards...not that I would know anything about that..

(Don't worry guys, my "encounter" with the police was only being pulled over and not having my license on me. He let me off with a warning!)

I tell you this little story for two reasons:

1. People always ask how my husband and I met. We're #highschoolsweethearts (see prom 2012 photo for reference...)

2. It wasn’t technically our first date (that was at Five Guys...lol) BUT we were doing an activity that required MOVEMENT.

It doesn't matter if you’re hanging out with your crush, your spouse, your BFF, or even your grandma: these days, when you want to hang out with someone special, it’s easy to engage in activities that require a lot of...sitting. Now listen, I love me a good Netflix binge (I’m not even gonna tell you how quickly I knocked out the first season of Stranger Things), and I don’t mind spending an afternoon with my rear end glued to the couch at a local coffee shop. I just think it’s important to balance all that sitting with a little bit of ACTION, ya know? Running, jumping, frolicking- whatever gets your heart pumping (and not because you’re so nervous to be in the presence of this total babe...OMG).

This post is meant to inspire you and bae when you feel yourselves slipping into the depths of your couch. Here are some of my favorite non-sitting activities to do with my favorite people:

When you’re feeling silly...

    Make a music video: When Ben and I first started dating, we dressed up in crazy outfits and jumped around singing “You Belong with Me” in front of a dinky digital camera.

    Visit a playground: Who can’t resist a swing set or a slide that’s now too small for your butt?

    When you’re feeling generous...

      Volunteer: find a cause you’re both passionate about. Volunteer to work at a booth, pick up trash at a beach or a park, or check out what’s going on at your local food bank. You never walk away feeling down when you contribute to something that’s bigger than yourself.

      Be a ______ instructor/coach: I never did swim team. I always pretended to be sick during swimming lessons. I regret the decisions of my 5 year old self, because now I am far from being a graceful swan goddess in the water. Ben, a swim team veteran, spent an afternoon teaching me some strokes/how to not sound like a walrus when I breathe. I still suck, but I’m better than I used to be!! This applies to all activities: archery, horseback riding, bowling...

      When you’re feeling adventurous...

        Take a hike: The Pillbox Trail we did in Oahu on our honeymoon will definitely be one of my favorites!
            Pop a wheelie: Go for a bike ride, and make a serious impression on bae with your cool bicycle skillz

            Dive in: Go kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing, tubing and anything else that’s hilarious to watch when people fall off into the water.

            Shred the gnar: Hit up the mountains for skiing, snowboarding, and my personal favorite: cross-country skiing! 

                When you’re feeling competitive...

                  RUN FOR YOUR LIFE: Go for a fun run! I highly recommend going all out for this event. Dressing up makes it 100x more fun.

                  Play ball: Be careful with this one. Shooting hoops and throwing around a football is fun, but any time Ben beats me at tennis or soccer, IT. GETS. PERSONAL.

                  When you’re feeling optimistic...

                    Go house "window shopping:" This may be too much commitment for some couples, but if you live together or plan to live together, it’s a fun way to dream about the “someday.” It doesn’t matter what city we’re in, Ben and I like to walk or run around neighborhoods with gorgeous homes, new and old, and dream about the kind of house we want to live in someday (that’s not a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment without AC and/or a dishwasher...)

                         Your turn! What keeps you and your honey bun active? Feel free to share!

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                        • Ben on

                          She is not kidding when she says it get personal when we play sports…. It gets really competitive. And to make matters worse, when the other person loses they have to walk up and give the winner a kiss. When you are smoking mad, this only stokes the fire. But it also makes it more fun ;)

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