5 Things I Do Every Weekend to Prep My Kitchen For Success

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As someone who has survived the crazy schedule of a college student, intern, employee, and now entrepreneur, I understand the frustration you may feel when you come home ravenous after a busy day only to discover a filthy kitchen void of anything edible besides maybe stale cereal or a can of refried beans. Yay.

Thankfully, I have developed a weekend kitchen checklist that makes certain I don't run into this sort of situation, and I am excited to share it with you today!

1. Look in the fridge

This does two things for me. First, it forces me to scour the depths of my refrigerator to make sure no half-empty container starts growing some furry friends (not talking about dogs). Second, it allows me to see what I'm running low on so that I can add it to my grocery list. Which brings me to my next step...

2. Go the grocery store

Because both my husband and I work during the weekdays, we schedule our weekly grocery shopping trip on either Saturday or Sunday. To make the trip as efficient as possible (both in a time and money sense), I take a list with me that has our weekly staples + any ingredients that I know I'll need for the meals I'm planning on making.

3. Meal prep

Meal prepping isn't just for fitness junkies. My husband and I choose to meal prep for several reasons. The first reason is because, as much as we hate to admit it, we are not the most punctual people, and often find ourselves barely making it out the door on time. Having a pre-prepared lunch waiting patiently in our fridge has saved our tush too many times to count. We also choose to meal prep because we are often super tired or super hungry at the end of the day, and the last thing we want to do is throw something in the oven. Because of this, I try to make at least one starchy food (roasted potatoes, rice, or pasta) + one roasted veggie on the weekend to make dinners a little easier.

4. Snack prep

Another item on my weekend checklist is to prep my produce and snacks as soon as we get home from the grocery store. If I know my veggies will need to be washed and chopped for a recipe, I'll do before they make it do the fridge. Why? Because if I don't do prep my produce then, it's very unlikely that I'll have the time or energy to do it later (and we all know what happens to unused produce..."PLOP!" into the trashcan).

Something that also helps make our mornings easier is having our snacks for the day prepped and ready to go. Some of our favorite snacks include baby carrots, trail mix, chips, and crackers. To make our mornings easier, we prep these snacks in individual containers so they are ready to grab 'n go on our busy mornings.

5. Clean

I know, I know. It's everyone's least favorite thing to do. But starting the week with a clean kitchen is a total game-changer for me. Maybe I'm a bit of a clean freak, but I find that when I'm stressed out, having dirty and unorganized areas in my house only adds to my stress. Plus, who wants to cook in a dirty kitchen?

Now I'm not saying that every weekend I have the time or energy to do a complete deep clean, but I will at least try to get the essentials done: wash dishes, wipe down counters, take the trash out, and sweep the floor. Although it's not as fun as catching up on Grey's Anatomy (my newfound Netflix obsession) it usually takes me less than 30 minutes. And, when I put on one of my favorite podcasts, I find that the time flies by.



Alright guys, that's my weekend checklist for setting my kitchen up for success! Let me know if you have a checklist you follow, or if you're thinking about trying anything from my list. Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with good food & good memories. Yeah girl!


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