5 Strategic, Effective Methods I Use to Achieve My Goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” -Tony Robbins. What’s something you want to make “visible” in your own life? Keep reading to discover 5 methods you can use to set strategic, effective goals that will help you find success. 

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1. Start by asking, what kinds of goals would I like to set for myself? Some examples may include…

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Self-care (stress management, healthcare appointments)
  • Professional (work, school)
  • Personal development
  • Family/social
  • Financial

Challenging yoga pose

2. Use the SMART method to develop your goal(s)

  • Specific: Describe exactly what you want to achieve, being as detailed as possible. Ask yourself: “When do I want this goal to happen? Where do I want this goal to happen? How do I want to make this goal happen?”
  • Measurable: Describe exactly what you will experience once this goal is achieved. How will you know it has been accomplished? Ask yourself: “What will I feel? What will I hear? What will I see?”
  • Achievable: Realistically, can this goal be achieved? Ask yourself: “Do I have enough time, resources, support, finances, and energy to make this goal happen?”
  • Relevant: Is this a goal you truly value? Does it seem worth your effort? Ask yourself: “Does this goal align with my beliefs and personality? What is the real objective behind this goal?”
  • Timely: Give yourself just enough time to complete the goal (not too much, and not too little). Ask yourself: “Realistically, how much time do I need to complete this goal? How many hours will I need to put in every week/month/year if I want to complete it by x/y/z date?”

3. Determine what steps you need to take to accomplish your goal, and what resources will help you along the way

If my goal was to meditate at least 3x/week, for example, a step I could write down would be “find meditation music/or guided meditations I enjoy.” I could use a meditation app like Headspace or a Spotify playlist as a resource.

4. Determine what barriers might get in your way and how you will overcome them

Some barriers might include time, financial support, and self-limiting beliefs. These can be overcome with creating and sticking to a schedule, budgeting, and practicing daily affirmations.

climbing a mountain is like facing obstacles when chasing your goals

5. Mark deadlines and other important dates in your calendar, and set up a schedule to keep you on track. Below are some examples of important dates to consider...

  • Start date, monthly/weekly check-ins, halfway point, end date
  • Checkpoints or dates where you should have ____ accomplished (ex: saved x amount of money, achieved a certain level, attended x amount of appointments/sessions)
  • Events related to your goal (ex: practice 5K in preparation for your 10K)

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Strategic, effective 5-step goal setting methods developed by registered dietitian and personal trainer Paige Foote from Yeah Girl! Nutrition

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I'll leave you with one more quote to keep that motivation going, "The path to success is to take massive, determined action" -Tony Robbins. Heck to the freakin' YEAH GIRL!

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