14 "Must-Have" Groceries To Pick Up On Your Next Target Trip

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I want to let you guys all know that yesterday was the first time I actually stuck to my shopping list at Target. It was a huge deal. When I got to the checkout they shook my hand and presented me with an award.

Alright, that's not exactly how it went down, but I did give myself a silent round of applause when I walked right past the apparel section without a second glance.

Instead, I focused my energy on creating a list of some of my favorite groceries to purchase from Target. So now, instead of showing off a new fun pair of Mossimo pants, I'm sharing with you my 14 "must-have" groceries to pick up on your next Target trip (but good luck purchasing only 14 items...hehe). 


Trail Mix: Target has the most impressive trail mix lineup I have ever seen. Hikers, campers, and snackers- this aisle was made for YOU. My favorites are the Antioxidant Trail Mix and the Sunny Cranberry blend. $5.99/bag

Larabars: With only a few ingredients (mostly dried fruit and nuts), Larabar understands that simplicity is key. These bars are the perfect snack to hold you over until your next meal and satisfy your sweet tooth! What I love about Target is that they have lots and lots of different flavors that I can’t always find at other grocery stores. Carrot cake? Key lime pie? *arm swipes entire shelf into cart.* $5.39/5 bars

RXBAR: The big brother of Larabar who enjoys lifting weights and fixing his motorcycle. Looks tough, but is a momma’s boy at heart. Both Larabars and RXBAR boast nuts and dried fruit, but RXBAR is all about the #gainstrain and needs a little more protein in the form of egg whites. These bars are undeniably tougher and chewier than Larabars, but they’re just as sweet. $6.99/4 bars

Perfect Bar: If cookie dough and nut butter ever had a baby…at least that’s what they taste like, anyway. Perfect Bars are made with nut butter, honey, dried milk, dried egg, brown rice protein, plant oils (like flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and sunflower oil, to name a few) and a dried whole food powder blend featuring all kinds of fruits and vegetables. They’re PACKED with lotsa good stuff, and SUPER filling. My favorite flavors are the Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and the Coconut Peanut Butter. $2.49/bar

Quaker Rice Cakes: Listen, rice cakes don’t have a “side.” A lot of people like to assign them to the “dieting world,” but I think that’s ridiculous. Rice cakes are crunchy vesicles for all sorts of fun: smother a chocolate rice cake with peanut butter and sprinkle chocolate chips, or spread a little smashed avocado on a tomato basil rice cake for a totally satisfying and savory snack. They’re also a shelf-stable, quick source of carbs that are light and easy on the stomach before a workout (which makes them a perfect item to have in your gym bag!) $2.59 for 15 cakes.

Popped Popcorn: I love keeping popped popcorn on hand for movie nights, snacking, road trips or when we have friends over. I always go for the sweet, kettle-corn-y flavors! ~$3.00/bag

Way Better Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips: GIRRRLLLLL. What do you mean you haven’t tried these yet? A little sweet, a little salty, these sweet potato tortilla chips take chips and dip to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Too dramatic? Right...sorry. $2.99/bag

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps: I fell in love with these pretzel crisps during my half marathon training (because what tastes better than salty carbs after a long run!? Oh, right...ok, well orange slices are up there, too). They’re like regular pretzels’ sophisticated aunt who knows a lot about wine and art. $3.49/bag

Limited Edition Oreos: Alright, if I’m being honest, I much prefer Joe Joe’s over Oreos (you can’t argue with the softer texture and the vanilla bean creme and that cute toucan), but since my husband is a die-hard Oreos fan, it’s fun to see what flavors I can surprise him with. $3.09/box

Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Seed + Flax Granola: To my old college roommate, Winnie, I’m sorry for eating your entire box the first time you ever let me try this stuff. I was not prepared for how good/addicting it would be. And to everyone else reading this, you’ve been warned…$3.64/box


Simply Balanced Sparkling Water: You know those extra fancy La Croix drinks? The ones that have really unique flavors like "Cerise Limón" and come in tall, slim cans? Target knows that you like to achieve that level of bougie-ness. Target also knows that when it comes down to it, you’ll also choose the store-brand if it’s a dollar cheaper because #value. And they know you like fun flavors like watermelon and ginger peach. Yeah girl. $2.99/8 cans

Celestial Seasonings Tea: You want to feel like a real adult? Plop any one of Celestial Seasonings’ tea bags into your favorite mug (they’re all great, trust me), put on a pair of fuzzy socks, and get comfy with your favorite novel. $2.74/box

Fairlife Chocolate Milk: I’m dead serious when I tell you guys that I will never purchase another brand of chocolate milk again. Ever. I’ve tried. This chocolate milk surpasses all others in regards to creaminess and mouthfeel. It’s SUPER thick- almost like a melted milkshake. I think part of the reason behind this is that it goes through a filtration process that takes out the lactose in the milk (yup, it’s lactose-free), and results in a product that has 50% less sugar (although it doesn’t taste ANY less sweet), more protein, and more calcium compared to regular/organic milk. It’s great as a recovery drink post-workout, and also as a coffee creamer! $3.89/52 oz

Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee: This stuff is dangerous. I’ve tried lots of bottled cold brews before, and I’ve found that many of them have a stale flavor. Not this stuff, though. It has the same, full-bodied, sweet flavor that you find from the $5 cup at your local coffee shop. It’s not the cheapest cold brew you’ll find on the shelf, but I promise you it’s got the most bang for its buck (and it sometimes goes on sale!! Yippee!) $5.59 for 48oz


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